Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Art II - Self Portraits

One of my favorite projects each year is self-portraits. Maybe it's because students try so hard because they know it's supposed to look like them, I'm not sure, but they always turn out great. In order to draw their portrait, students first took a picture of themselves and then used a grid technique to proportionally enlarge the portrait. In order to show value, students could choose pencil, colored pencil, or a combination of the two. 

Loteria Card Designs - 6th Grade

As part of our Hispanic Heritage observances, the 6th grade Art classes created original drawings based on the traditional Mexican card game, Loteria. After playing the game in class and looking at various artist interpretations, students chose one of the Loteria cards and created an original composition based on the traditional symbol. Students could chose either colored pencil or crayon resist as their media.

traditional Loteria card examples

Value Study: Pasta - Art II

In order to focus on the element of Value, the Art II students created mini-still life pieces out of pasta and used a view finder to create an interesting composition. Student projects had to include both value with pencil as well as with colored pencil.