Friday, September 16, 2011

6th Grade Art - Elements of Art Posters

The first year of middle school art is full of new things. For the first time, students get to come to ART everyday and therefore they can really spend some time learning about and building their art skills. As an overall introduction to the super-important Elements of Art, our 6th graders worked in groups to research one Art Element and then made a presentation to the class about their assigned element. Before the battery on my camera died, I was able to capture a few in photos.

The Elements of Art include:
  • Color: produced when light rays reflect off an object
  • Line: any mark, that has greater length than width, made by an art material
  • Shape: objects having only height and width
  • Form: objects showing 3-D
  • Space: the distance between and around objects
  • Texture: how something feels or looks like it would feel
  • Value: the lightness or darkness of color

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