Friday, March 30, 2012

Annual Elementary PDC Art Show

Even though our campus is 6th - 8th grade, technically, 6th graders are considered "elementary school" here in Mesquite. Because of this, our 6th grade art students are exhibited with the elementary schools for their PDC show. Our school had some great artwork that really shined at this year's exhibit... check it out


  1. @Melissa - we started by looking at an sketching masks onto plain white paper. They then transferred the images to aluminum sheeting bought through Sax. To transfer, students taped their drawing to a piece of the aluminum and simply traced over the drawing with a pencil, which results in a faint imprint in the aluminum. Each student had a piece or two of scrap felt below the aluminum to create a cushion. To create the textures, students used craft sticks and wooden scratch tools to emboss the metal (sometimes from the front, sometimes from the back). Finally, to get the aged look, students painting their mask with black tempera and wiped it off - leaving black in the low parts. Some chose to go back and add black some black into eye areas, etc. The big concept we were working on was texture so all masks were required to have various textures on them.